Is Monsanto Using 4-H to Brainwash Your Children About GMOs?

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  • Monsanto is boasting its partnership with 4-H Youth Development Organization, the country’s largest and most influential youth organization with more than 6.8 million members in 80 countries worldwide

  • According to the annual reports, 4-H is receiving funding from Monsanto, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cargill, DuPont, United Soybean Board, Coca-Cola, and Pfizer

  • Monsanto has been hijacking society at every turn, including government institutions, colleges and universities, media agencies, and so-called representatives of “science”

  • Monsanto recently attempted to brainwash young children with a 16-page book called ““Biotechnology Basics Activity Book” full of colorful pages and cartoon characters touting the “benefits” of GMOs

  • If your child is involved with 4-H, please monitor the messages he or she is getting, rather than making assumptions that they are based in truth


Fermenting Foods—One of the Easiest and Most Creative Aspects of Making Food from Scratch

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  • 90 percent of the genetic material in your body is not yours but belongs to the bacteria that outnumber your cells 10 to 1. These bacteria have enormous influence on your digestion, detoxification and immune system

  • Fermented foods are an essential factor if you want to optimize your health and prevent disease. The culturing process produces hundreds if not thousands of times more of the beneficial bacteria found in a typical probiotics, which are extremely important for human health as they help balance your intestinal flora, thereby boosting overall immunity

  • When fermenting vegetables, you can either use a starter culture, or simply allow the natural enzymes in the vegetables do all the work, a.k.a “wild fermentation

  • When fermenting foods, make sure to avoid plastic and/or metal containers. Good options include glass jars, ceramic crocks, and wooden barrels

  • Any food can be fermented, although some are tastier than others. Caution must be heeded when fermenting meats, but any vegetable can certainly be safely fermented, and are among the absolute safest foods there is in terms of food borne illness

Why Dirt Matters to Your Health

Soil Quality

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  • The root ball of a plant acts as the “gut” or intestinal tract of the plant, housing essential microbes, just like your gut does, provided the soil system is healthy
  • The cooperation between soil microorganisms and the plants’ roots is responsible for allowing the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil. Without proper soil biome, the food will lack nutrients that are important for your health
  • Soil health connects to everything up the food chain, from plant and insect health, all the way up to animal and human health
  • Health, therefore, truly begins in the soils in which our food is grown
  • Scientists have discovered that gene swapping takes place between your gut microbiome and the soil biome, as well as with microorganisms from other places in your daily surroundings
  • One of the reasons for concern about genetically engineered crops is a main characteristic of such plants is resistance to the potent herbicide glyphosate, which decimates soil bacteria



Bone Broth—One of Your Most Healing Diet Staples

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  • Bone broth contains valuable minerals in a form your body can easily absorb and use, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur chondroitin, glucosamine, and a variety of trace minerals

  • The gelatin found in bone broth is a hydrophilic colloid. It attracts and holds liquids, including digestive juices, thereby supporting proper digestion

  • Bone broth also inhibits infection caused by cold and flu viruses, for example, and fights inflammation, courtesy of anti-inflammatory amino acids such as arginine

  • Making your own bone broth is very cost effective, as you can make use of left over carcass bones that would otherwise be thrown away. And making your own broth is quite easy


Happiness and Laughter Are the BEST Natural Immune Boosters

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  • Studies show that your immune system and brain are wired together

  • Portions of your nervous system connect with immune-related organs, and immune cells have neurotransmitter receptors, suggesting active interaction between the two

  • Chronic loneliness tends to result in upregulation of genes involved with your inflammatory response, while genes involved with antiviral control tend to be downregulated

  • Happiness derived from activities that bring you a greater sense of purpose, life meaning, or self-actualization appear to have a direct, positive effect on your gene profile

Anatomy of an Illness



Raphanus Sativus

Daikon means “radish” in Japanese. This unusual radish will add intrigue to any garden and delicious taste to any table. Mild-flavored, Daikon Radish  is used in many Asian cuisines, in salads, shredded or pickled and served as garnish with Sashimi. Great keeping qualities, the roots which are 46 to 61cm long can be stored for weeks. It is   pure white and slightly tapered, the flesh is very crispy and tender with mild pungency. Can also be used in cooking & many recipes are available on the net. Sow Spring or Autumn.

Here we go again folks, enjoy and grow your own radishes, and also take care of your health..THE NATURES WAY.. 

Cheers for now.

The Dangerous Sleeping Habit That Can Boost Your Odds of Cancer by 35%

If you take sleeping pills you may want to watch this video. Raymond Francis from sheds light on the true dangers of these health threatening drugs. He offers natural alternatives to help kick these addictive, toxic pills


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  • The first-ever federal health study about sleeping pill usage found that nearly nine million Americans take prescription sleeping pills in pursuit of good night’s rest, and rates are highest among the elderly (age 80 and up)

  • Prescription sleep aids are associated with increased risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, amnesia, depression, disorientation, and an increased risk of death

  • Sleeping pills are also associated with bizarre and risky nighttime behaviors such as sleepwalking, sleepdriving, sleep eating, “sleep-sex,” and sleep-texting messages you have no memory of sending the next day

  • Insomnia comes with its own risks, including increased risk of infection, depression, cancer, and heart disease; sleeping poorly is also associated with junk food cravings and diminished ability to make good food choices

  • Studies are beginning to show a link between vitamin D level and quality of sleep; optimizing your vitamin D level may improve sleep quality, although more studies are needed to establish the exact mechanism