Fermenting Foods—One of the Easiest and Most Creative Aspects of Making Food from Scratch

Story at-a-glance

  • 90 percent of the genetic material in your body is not yours but belongs to the bacteria that outnumber your cells 10 to 1. These bacteria have enormous influence on your digestion, detoxification and immune system

  • Fermented foods are an essential factor if you want to optimize your health and prevent disease. The culturing process produces hundreds if not thousands of times more of the beneficial bacteria found in a typical probiotics, which are extremely important for human health as they help balance your intestinal flora, thereby boosting overall immunity

  • When fermenting vegetables, you can either use a starter culture, or simply allow the natural enzymes in the vegetables do all the work, a.k.a “wild fermentation

  • When fermenting foods, make sure to avoid plastic and/or metal containers. Good options include glass jars, ceramic crocks, and wooden barrels

  • Any food can be fermented, although some are tastier than others. Caution must be heeded when fermenting meats, but any vegetable can certainly be safely fermented, and are among the absolute safest foods there is in terms of food borne illness


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