The Dangerous Sleeping Habit That Can Boost Your Odds of Cancer by 35%

If you take sleeping pills you may want to watch this video. Raymond Francis from sheds light on the true dangers of these health threatening drugs. He offers natural alternatives to help kick these addictive, toxic pills


Story at-a-glance

  • The first-ever federal health study about sleeping pill usage found that nearly nine million Americans take prescription sleeping pills in pursuit of good night’s rest, and rates are highest among the elderly (age 80 and up)

  • Prescription sleep aids are associated with increased risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, amnesia, depression, disorientation, and an increased risk of death

  • Sleeping pills are also associated with bizarre and risky nighttime behaviors such as sleepwalking, sleepdriving, sleep eating, “sleep-sex,” and sleep-texting messages you have no memory of sending the next day

  • Insomnia comes with its own risks, including increased risk of infection, depression, cancer, and heart disease; sleeping poorly is also associated with junk food cravings and diminished ability to make good food choices

  • Studies are beginning to show a link between vitamin D level and quality of sleep; optimizing your vitamin D level may improve sleep quality, although more studies are needed to establish the exact mechanism


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