So Easy to grow and so much fun.

If you want to try your hand at making your own Mustard blends instead of buying the commercial stuff, then this is the variety of Mustard plant for you!
It holds its seeds well making harvest super easy, and doesn’t need ANY special skills or attention to grow.
This is the HOT brown Mustard used in “English Mustard” and to a lesser extent “Dijon Mustard” and “Wholegrain Mustard”.
Its a fast bolting variety (setting seeds) that grows into a nice compact plant like in the picture.
Start to finish takes only 8 weeks! (longer in wet weather of course, as you have to wait for the seeds to dry out….)
Off a row of approx 100 plants, 15m long, we get a 2 kilo or so of seed, more than enough to set us up for the year, and eliminate the need for the supermarket rubbish, and I really prefer the flavour you get from using the slightly immature greenish seeds, instead of the “Yellow Mustard” that they all use these days.
Its how it was done in the olden days, but its just not possible with commercial harvesting equipment.
All I used do is dig a trench 20cm deep and 15m long with a mattock. Sprinkle the seeds on top and raked the soil even, watered 4-5 times in the first fortnight.
Then forgot all about them for a month or so. 
No fertilizer, No water, No attention Whatsoever.
It just doesn’t need any!
The harder the conditions, the better I reckon. Makes them really stress out creating more “HEAT” producing chemicals within the seeds, and they flowers much quicker too!
To harvest, just snap/cut the plant off at the base, and chuck it in a bucket in the shed/balcony/shady dry place for a week or so.
Crush up the stems and seed shells a bit with your hands.
The seeds shoot out like popcorn, when they are ready. Then just pour the lot through a strainer. 

The basic recipe for preparing it is……

Step (1) Rough or Fine Powdered/Ground/Mortar & Pestled/Blitzed/Food Processing the seeds, depending textural preference and YOUR particular tastes BUT ONLY DO IT HALFWAY.

              In other words just HALF chop/crush it now, as you will be chopping/crushing it again at the end.

              I  like it at a sort of medium heat so I add half cup green immature seeds, and 1 full cup nice dark mature seeds.

Step (2)  Whack the milled seeds in a large bowl and fill till just level with the top of the seeds, with ICE COLD water. (Heat kills the “HEAT” of the seeds, Cold water is a catalist to the chemical reaction that takes place)

              If you like it really, really HOT, use 100% mature, dark seeds, but that’s a bit overpowering for my tastes…….

              If you like it MEDIUM HEAT, use slightly younger picked seeds or just room temperature water.

              If you like it Mild/Bland/Soft/American/Boring, use WARM water and some sugar and Rough or Fine Powdered/Ground/Mortar & Pestled/Blitzed/Food Processing the seeds till your perfect consistency is reached.
Step(3)  Wait 10-20 minutes, then add 2 Tablespoons of good Salt and a 1/4 cup of either Vinegar/Lemon juice or any other high acid liquid that takes your fancy. That “Fixes” the reaction. .Keeps for months and months in the fridge.
               There are lots of fancier recipes on-line, but I just stick with what works okay for me.

Till next time folks, ..Have fun in the garden.



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