Auntie Dogma's Garden Spot

Have I confessed of my sins yet ?..Okay, I have sinned again ..Bought this seeds also yesterday.

I’l bet I will need new Diapers after a kilo of this beauties ..lol

Small vine producing heaps of delicious fruit!

Not NOXIOUS or prohibited in any state of Australia!!! 🙂

Really now, this is a very hardy plant that is 100% edible…( Try it your self )

It is the origin of all melons, the original one that they all grew from!

Cool looking fruits that start of green, then ripen to a golden yellow then vivid Orange.

Serious looking thorns, that do a pretty good job of protecting the juicy pulp from predation.

Watching the neighbours cows try to eat them is pretty amusing(they are growing wild in his corner block).

I will have a heap on my place down near the dam, they are great to munch on while having…

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