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Well, let the childish nature come out of me LOL,

I just bought 10 seeds for $4 FREE delivery, last night from my favourite store and an HAPPY not GRUMPY old QUEENSLANDER mate…Yayyyy

“Miracle tree” or Moringa Oleifera” Has more than 90 nutrients and 46 different types of Antioxidants!

It has 7x the Vitamin C in Oranges, 4x the Calcium in Milk, 4x the Vitamin A in Carrots, 3x the Potassium in Bananas and even 2x the Protein in Milk!

“It helps reduce the bad Cholesterols and Triglycerides, control blood sugars and contains many anti-aging and anti-inflammitaory substances many of them have anti-cancer properties” 

Bloody good stuff, just Google it if you are interested in it’s other health benefits.

I just like to eat it in stir fries and the leaves in salads.

The root makes a good horseradish/wasabi type sauce the leaves are just like any other leafy green…

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