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Just bought some 20 Virginia Peanuts seeds the other night on e-bay again..Can’t help my self, but change my whole back yard crops this year.

Something new is always welcome, and like the old saying,VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE…Yup .

Originally I intend to plant them as a bit of a novelty/experiment. I have been told that they thrive with the spuds and sweet potatoes best, so I will just keep replanting the odd nut when I harvested a handful as i go by seasons, and B.T.W., there is no season/s with nuts in my back yard …ha ha ha .

As with the spuds and sweet potato, I just root around for the biggest ones as needed, then replant the runners and the odd seed.

I’m sure that’s not how the pros grow it but it will do the trick and works for me!…Well, so I…

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